Play Theater: Ninja Blade’s Opening Sequence and First Level

In the beginning there was “Ninja Gaiden.” It was the first game on the NES to really introduced and set the standard for early cut scenes, as well as what a ninja game should feel and play like. Since then, many ninjas have come and gone, but it wasn’t until the return of “Ninja Gaiden” on the Xbox that ninjas really felt like they had a game that truly represented their lifestyle, and it again set a high bar of cut scenes, gameplay, and overall ninja incoherence. Well, with Tomonobu Itagaki’s unfortunate departure from Tecmo “Gaiden”’s rule over ninja games may be over, and it might be time for From Software’s latest release, “Ninja Blade” to fill the gap. Watch the video to check out the game’s opening sequence, as well as an extended play through of the first level.

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One Response to “Play Theater: Ninja Blade’s Opening Sequence and First Level”

  1. jadedgamer on February 24th, 2009 9:56 pm

    wow were they trying to make the most generic game ever?

    I mean everything gameplay sound story graphics just look so been there done that n already have the t shirt.


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