January 6, 2008

Wii download to DS games only Demos what gives nintendo?

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What a way to kick of the new year! Nintendo corrects what could have been possibility just one of the many wonders of the Wii. According to a Business Day article they stated that, “Complete games… will be able to be downloaded into the Wii using its broadband connection, and then transferred wireslessly to the DS”. Well Nintendo fans Nintendo has officially corrected that statement and your not going to like the outcome. It’s goes a little some like this “in the future, the Nintendo DS will be able to receive demo versions of some DS games from Wii, but not the entire game.” These demos, like all content that can be beamed to DS currently, will be erased once the hand held is switched off. How fun is that sure it’s understandable for consoles such as xbox 360 and ps3 to have demos being that they games run you a pretty penny but a portable with games priced no higher than $34.99 really are demos necessary.


January 4, 2008

Pure Pulse - Part VI Wipeout Pulse Review

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First off, this is the final post in the Pure Pulse series. You can check out the other posts via the links below. In a nut shell, Wipeout Pulse is everything we got from Wipeout Pure and some. The some in question is comprised of Online [Infrastructure] play, a new single player campaign that mixes everything we know about Wipeout into a palatable sufle of speed and bolder tracks. Yours truly was in no rush to review this title as I wanted to dissect my import copy thoroughly. First I’ll go over the basics and then go over the new stuff.


January 3, 2008

Resident Evil Degeneration

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Ladies and gentlemen here is the resident evil movie we’ve all been waiting for. Forget about the past 3 live action let downs that carried the name resident evil which starred a character from the series (Alice) who some how became the genres leading hero, who in truth was the last boss from the code veronica series. Hmmmm how can you screw something like that up, anyways Resident Evil Degeneration the all new CGI movie looks to the redeem the name for the series in it’s theatrical form. It appears to star Leon S. Kenndey from the smash killer hit resident evil 4 and Claire Redfield who apparently still hasn’t found her big bro Chris. Check out this hot trailer and mark that calendar because this is going to be one movie you RE fans won’t want to miss. Just remember the what a certain FFAC CGI movie did for it’s fans…. ;)


January 2, 2008

Welcome to 2008!

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No later than a few days after the year started, rumors are spreading. The 12-14 Months in advance type to say the least. PS3Fanboys foretells of a possible color change to the PS3, as well as BluRay going to Warner - all out. Though the next quote is not a rumor, GamePolitics.com posted an interesting comment about fizz, aka Soft Drinks, aka Soda for whatever part of the world you come from. The shocking news claims that fizz contributes to Obesity. I could have told anyone this, but it is true, the Corn Syrup used in most soda’s promote your bodies inability to break down fat. Less fat broken down and well … you become fat. Don’t get me wrong, I love fizz like the next gamer but perhaps a WII is in order. Drink 100% juice drinks to solve that problem.


December 26, 2007

Wipeout HD Part I: High Rez Images

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L’esfants at Playfrance.com put some seriously draw dropping images of the soon to be released PSN title Wipeout HD including an interview with Studio Liverpool.  To say the least, the screens look good and of course is by far the best looking Wipeout port ever made.  Though I’m still having fun kicking back with Pulse, it was great to finally have the ability to see more on the HD upgrade.  Online will support 6 man bouts and given the break neck speeds that I experience on the PSP, I can see why the cap is so low.  Expect to hear complaints though SCEE since I’m sure PSN players will request more as time goes by.


December 22, 2007

New episode: GAMESLAP!

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Whut up folks!, check the latest episode of Gameslap! and enjoy.
Peace out and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

More videos from the “Game Slap!” channel at Heavy.com
December 21, 2007

Last Week in Gaming … Final Post.

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The year is almost over. Before we take a look at what happend last week take a look at the the New TrueGameHeadz GameSlap Guide and fill your stockings!


December 15, 2007

A new Fabula Nova Crystalis XIII-Versus Trailer [FFXIII Versus]

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Finaly the full version of this trailer.

A new Fabula Nova Crystalis XIII Trailer [FFXIII]

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The return of Cloud … Need I say more?

Pure Pulse - Part V Wipeout Pulse Impressions

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Well, I had to cross the border via my local import store to get a copy of Wipeout Pulse for the PSP and dare I say it was worth every last dime. This game, like Pure which took all the elements of Wipeout 3 and made it better, took pure and improved it.


The online battles are a welcome, though when I logged on, only a few gamers could be found. A majority of your time will be spent on career mode as there are several races to play. The game also has a simple replay element built around the loyalty stats for the cars you use. You are rewarded for your deligence. My biggest disappointment so far is the exclusion of playing your own music from your PSP memory card. Maybe this is due later through the update system but at this point my hopes are down. Expect a full review soon. Below you’ll find some screens taken with the in-game photo-mode.


December 10, 2007

Last Week In Gaming …

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Someone should have told the young man at Blogeek.com.br about marketing vengence. The Brazilian based blog site was the first site to post pictures of Street Fighter IV if you didn’t know. Capcom marketing didn’t take it too lightly, following up with a few warnings, threats, and suits scaring the one-man site into dark corners of Street Fighter. The point is, he blogged about something that a ton of people would have found out about anyways across the blog-verse. Maybe they were trying to time online blog news?


December 7, 2007

First Street Fighter 4 Screenie!

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The boys over at 1UP have the very first screenshot the upcoming Street Fighter 4.  Good news is the game doesn’t look as crappy as this gamer thought it would be.  Bad news is it’s only one screenshot!

Here is the press release by Capcom:


December 5, 2007


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And fail horribly they did as the ESRB released results for the Annual Report Card. A lot of retailers aiming to meet those bottom lines and sales figures may disagree with the ESRB but three years of consistently scoring D on the report card leaves you to wonder.


December 1, 2007

This week in Gaming …

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And what a saucy, spicy, paprika filled week it was. Where to begin? David Gertsmann is the game reviewer that we all didn’t know who we claimed to know and love at Gamespot reviews this past week. In the spice filled portion of this weeks gaming soup, Gertmann was fired from Gamespot for reasons less comparable to poor job performance. As a matter of fact, the saying goes is that he was let go from his position simply because he gave Kain and Lynch a less than stella score.