February 22, 2008


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The new Wipeout HD home page just launched, and in standard fashion the US version of the site is not available. This is something that I’ve noticed for sometime but I’m sure its due to the niche following here in the US for the series. Whatever the case you can check out the new site through the image below.


If you’ve been living under a rock lately you wouldn’t know the game is a 1080p upgrade of Wipeout Pure and Pulse.  Though not every track will be available from those two games, the game starts off with 12 tracks.  If downloads are not made for this, it will be a short hit and miss.

Still we look forward to the beats, bombs, and elements that make up the game.  Online with the PSP version of pulse has already proven to be a hit so what does SLP have to loose?

February 21, 2008

Gears will be spinning again this November!

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A lot of us have been waiting for this news since the drop of the first game. After leaving us with a cliff hanger ending we now have a date to look forward too, to bust a cap in that ugly mofo that flew away in the ending of Gears 1. Sit back and enjoy this teaser trailer and hate on Cliff B. for having that awesome replica of the machine gun/chain saw rifle used by Marcus in the first gears of war…. man where can i get one of those babies!


February 19, 2008

Hot Ironman cg videos!

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In anticipation for the new Ironman movie droping this may, marvel comics has posted these hot ass cg videos of ironman taking out some giant robots with the help of some special friends of course! Peep the videos below in order and then ask yourself, why the hell arent these on t.v. or a direct to dvd movie!
Unit out!

February 15, 2008

Batman Anime Anthology

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That’s right you heard me straight anime Batman! How many Batman fans was waiting to see old Bats pimped out in anime hotness, i know i have. This is a straight to DVD movie that will bridge the gap between Batman Begins and the up coming Dark Knight film. It’s a six part story told with 6 different versions of the Bat similar to the Animatrix just minus the CGI.


Just when you thought Dragonball games reached their peek!

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Now why didn’t i think of this one! This can be the Dragonball online game every fan has been waiting for, sure the fighting games have done their damage already but really guys no more please! How many times can you go through Goku’s story over and over again it feels like i was their when it all happen cell saga, buu saga etc., Seriously! Just think of all the possibilities you may face in this game new villains new heroes untold events made up on the fly. I’ll be keeping my eye’s out for this one and I’ll be sure to keep u guys posts when more news surfaces.


February 14, 2008

Official JP SFIV Website Up

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Click the image below to go straight to the Japanese site for SFIV. Minimum Japanese required to watch videos and pictures, but required to read the blogs. One of the new characters in the game has been posted on the site as well …


Ono-san made a good point back in his interview with 1up.com that the main 12 will be back and that’s a good thing but he can’t ignore the love that SF III has generated over the last ten years. Yea, it’s been that long. Minus our Jackie Chan jokes, we love the series and still fight over top players to this day. I mean, they still have competitions in Japan for that game, so bringing back one/two popular characters from that lot is not a bad thing.

More importantly though, gamers are also interested in what’s new, and so far two new faces have been added; Crimson Viper and Abel [above, courtesy IGN.com]. OH yea, he has a giant Cod-Piece to. Just thought I’d point that out since its the talk of the town with Ryu and Ken these days.

Xbox360…worst failure rate of all electronics….

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The red ring of death is pretty famous now for all the wrong reasons! One company that handles the warranties of Xbox 360 released some pretty interesting data on the defect rates of the console. It some pretty disturbing new and quite frankly, some one should take them to court for the faulty system. I personally know 4 people who own the system and has experienced the red rings of death. And not just once either! It’s a damn shame in this day and age after spending so much money on a system, we still can’t get a quality product. I don’t know, but between Windows Vista being a faulty OS and the chronic 360 break downs, some one needs to fire the quality control over at the gates camp! Check the link below for the full details!

The keep breakn’!

Deadly Creatures….life as a bug ain’t easy!

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Ever watched insect shows on the nature channel? Ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of some of the most deadliest insects? Rainbow Studios and Wii have the answer for you! Enter Deadly Creatures. This would probably have to be the first 3rd person action title were you play the role of a deadly scorpion or a stealthy spider. What sets this game apart is the fact that it all grounded in the real world. No special weapons or power ups or talking insects. It’s just pure insect survival. LOL! The game promises to combine traditional platforming levels along with a brutal fighting mechanic that as the developers put it “Think about the immense battles in King Kong or Jurassic Park - the scale may be smaller here, but the impact is the same.” Anyway, peep the trailer which does a good job of amplifying life in the tiny jungle that exist around us. Can you feel the sting? It hurts doesn’t it!


Another hot DS RPG to Keep your eye’s out for!

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Ds delivers yet another great looking RPG that won’t be release in the US until 10 years from it’s Japanese release….sigh. I’m personally still waiting for crystal chronicles, Ds is really doing it up with the RPG’s leaving PSP behind although they have Crisis Core dropping soon what else do sony fans have to look forward too from the fantasy universe.


February 13, 2008

Hot new Street Fighter 4 video (MUST SEE)

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Found this crazy trailer of the game in action…. Man i can’t wait for this to drop. Check out Dhalsim’s kick in 3D. Next Gen is here!


God of War PSP

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Need I say more ….

February 12, 2008

Card Sagas Wars 3

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Here’s the 3rd installment to the fast growing fan made video featuring heavy hitting video game characters from Master Chief to Cloud (FF7). We can only pray they make this into a real video game some how. Just have to find a way to tackle that licensing issue you know the same one thats keeping Jump Super Stars DS from crossing the border to US soil…..sigh!


Ted Price Talks Resistance 2

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GT just put up an interview with Ted Price who divulges some information about Resistance 2. Always amiable, but resistant, Price says the game will take the same engine that ran Resistance - Fall of Man, then used on R&C Tools of Destructions, and now pushed even higher and further for Resitance 2.

Though unwilling to answer burning questions, Price says that the 8 player online co-op will be a separate story experience from the main game and that 60 player online is already a reality with no lag. My answer to that is “show me that thank you very much.”  No promises of a video at GDC 2008 though but one can hope.

February 7, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - Impressions

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Of course I got my reserved copy of DMC4 for PS3. For those of you wondering, yes, I’ve almost cleared it and I am itching to play Nero Must Die/Dante Must Die mode because the game just isn’t hard enough.