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Nicalis Makes Critical Strides For Independent Games On Wiiware

La-MulanaNintendo’s Wii is currently standing at the top of the console-market, just two years since becoming the fastest-selling console from 2007-2009, and now reaching fifty million homes worldwide according to Nintendo’s President Satoru Iwata (and that was back in March). With all those consoles in homes across the globe, there is one corner of the gaming world that is seeing a surprising boom, independent games. Nintendo’s WiiWare seems to know how to branch out when it really wants to, and over the last year various independent games have blasted their way onto the home console DLC scene courtesy of Nintendo’s little white wonder.

In just over a year, there’s already over one hundred games for the service, and only a handful of them were developed and published by well-known, third-party developers. The independent games market is surging on WiiWare with former flash games like “Defend Your Castle,” humorous adventure games like the “Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People” series, and beautiful motion based platformers spearheaded by “Lostwinds.” At the head of the pack is the best selling independent game on the market; a point and click puzzle game called “World of Goo.”


Nicalis is one company that hopes to capitalize on this new found interested in indie games as well. They’re an independent game developer turned independent publisher run by Tyrone Rodriguez and Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren. The latter of the two is known for his games “Knytt” and “Beneath a Deep Forest,” which are both adventure games with massively-impressive exploration elements. Upon contact with developer Pixel, creator of the legendary game “Cave Story,” this group was thrust into the spotlight with their announcement of a WiiWare release for one of the best known indie PC titles in the Q4 of 2009, complete with improved or the original graphics and the potential for new features via DLC. This sent the gaming fans into a massive uproar of positive feedback, eagerly waiting for the game’s release. But Nicalis wasn’t done yet.

La-MulanaAs of July 27th, four days after an announced partnership between NIGORO and Nicalis, and a day after Nygren announced the additions of his own games to the library with “Night Game” and “Project Q” there was news that players will soon be searching a sealed world of mystery in the tremendous, and extremely important hallmark for the independent community, with the release of a re-made version of “La-Mulana.” This “Metroidvania”-genre game was released to the public in 2005 on the PC in Japan, and was eventually translated by Aeon Genesis, a fan-dubbing project. “La-Mulana” centers around Lemeza, an archaeologist hell-bent to explore the titular ruins, and secure the treasures within before his scheming rival-his own father- does. The game took a step back, and was heavily inspired by the graphics and difficult gameplay of the 1980s, and especially the MSX. So far, the WiiWare update looks incredible, not to mention that a teaser trailer was released to the shock and awe of the general populace. You may very well be seeing a review in the works from these games… very soon.

Check the trailer:

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