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New PSP2 Rumors - Second Nub Still Absent

Not the actual PSP 4000

While it still looks like Sony is waiting until E3 to officially unveil their new PSP, anonymous sources from around the game industry are spilling the beans on what gamers can look for in the next iteration of Sony’s handheld.

1up’s sources tell them that the new PSP will indeed git rid of the UMD drive, and that a huge amount of titles will be available at launch. Two of these titles will be the freshly announced Namco Bandai games “Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny” and “Tekken 6.” (The PSP version of “Soul Calibur” will reportedly have a new character named Dampierre.) The new PSP may also be available in two units, one with carrying 8 gigs of storage and another with 16.

If the rumors are true, the face buttons, d-pad, and analog nub will all be located under a screen that will slide up when access for those buttons is required. Speaking of nubs, one of the biggest complaint people have (including 2.o and myself) is the lack of a second analog nub, which would do wonders for controlling any 3D game on the PSP.  Many games in the PSP library have suffered from a lack of a second nub, but it seems that Sony is too stubborn in their ways to change. 1up’s sources say that no new analog nub exists, and the current control scheme will remain.

Finally comes word of the name, and it’s kind of a strange. If the rumors are true, gamers will be buying a “PSP GO!” sometime later this year. Go! stems from their Go!Cam and video-on-demand service Go!View.

Now listen here TGH’ers, everything you’ve read here is all rumor as of right now. When Sony’s people were asked to comment, they just offered the ole “We don’t comment on rumors of speculation” jazz, but it is an intriguing look at what gamers may be getting their hands on in 2009. A touch screen is also a possible rumor that would be a welcome addition.

Man E3 is going to be amazing, on top of all this amazing news possibly slated to be released there this year, it’s also E3’s resurecttion with a huge lists of events. Get your ticket now TGH’ers, maybe Sony will bring there new toy along for spectators to try out.

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