New Little Big Planet Trailer & Early Ideas

You know, after taking a look at the Sony press conference again, I realized that you can take the level creator for LBP to some seriously new heights … or even better, old ones.  I had a 8 way chat with some of my buddies on PSN about the recent conferences earlier this week.  I got the impression that the majority of the users out there felt like Sony held back at the conference (?), and that Nintendo hurt many of their feelings, and MS was just doing what they do best, and I quote said gamer who would like to remain anonymous “being a royal prick in the boom boom”.  Those were her exact words.

We all agreed one thing though, Sony is trying hard to deliver small amounts innovation in a big way via PSN.  The best of which is perhaps LBP (depending on who you speak with).  We’ve actually agreed to start a little project for LBP after the conversation got deep enough to allow us the ability to talk BS: recreate all the mega stages from Mega Man Zero for the PSP.  Why you ask.  Why not?

Just think, if we’re coming up with that idea, just think whats going on through the minds of the MountyOums out there.  The whole Mega Man thing is one idea … but I’m wondering if people will get sued over that stuff. Probably not, given the realm in which this game exist.  Just sit back and think of 2D side scrollers you felt needed a fresh remake, it just might be possible to recreate it again.  In the meantime, check out the New LBP Official Website here and the new trailer below.

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