New Footage on Final Fantasy Dissidia

There’s something about pitting several of the villains and heroes of every Final Fantasy story out there against one another that just sounds right.  Well, other than the fact that it sounds like the Square-Enix version of Super Smash Brothers, it still sounds right.  Everyone who has played through more than one of these series had the thought, “Man, what if I had Cloud in FF 9″.  It’s true, though we’re looking at 15 plus versions of the series, there are those episodes that just stand out to us more than others.  I’ve never been partial to the series personally, and always tried to appreciate each as its own, but the idea of Dissidia is akin to an overload.

But its Amazing isn’t it, Square built a franchise that has gotten so deep into the core of gaming, that gamers sworn to one type of genre couldn’t help but take notice.  As my little niece would say “.. don’t get it twisted Uncle” because the title is an action adventure at its core.  The fighting system is aptly named “Dramatic Progressive Action”, so don’t expect any ATB style fights.  You will earn Gil and EP and enjoy a strong nod to Amano-san’s art style as Tetsuya Nomura takes the helm for artistic direction.

It’s so hard to imagine this being a balanced game though but Square-Enix points out that certain characters will have specific moves that enable them to get out of situations while being overpowered by the EX moves that all characters can utilize.  Expect to be busy as you’ll have to block, dodge, jump, attack, cast and manuever throughout the 3D stages.  If you remember Chaos, the force of darkness, it will make an appearance while there will be a new character, Cosmos, as the apposing force of light.  If you expect to complete the Dissidia story you’ll have play through the game as each character and a minimum of 10 characters have been confirmed (not including Cosmos and Chaos).  Saddly, for most westerners, Cloud has not been included in the roster yet, but the appearance of Sephiroth may imply he will make a cameo in the least.

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