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Need Even More Halo? Check Out Halo: Legends

halothumbFirst it was The Matrix that got the short story, anime treatment with The Animatrix. Then Batman got his with Batman: Gotham Knight. Now, not to be left out, Master Chief will join the anime fray with Halo: Legends: An all new collective of Halo shorts produced by various, popular Japanese animation studios.

Microsoft has chosen Comic-Con as their forum to release all information on Halo: Legends, including a new trailer for the anime which can be viewed below.

Halo legends will be compiled of seven stories, each focusing on some aspect within the Halo universe. While information is scarce on what direction each story will take, it has been revealed that Production I.G. (the company responsible for Ghost in the Shell 1 + 2, as well as Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade) is behind the short entitled “Codename Duel,” which fleshes out the history of the grunts. There will also be a two-part series detailing the origin of the Spartans.

Halo franchise development director and provider of story and creative direction for 343 industries Frank O’Connor explained his excitement on the latest Halo project saying “The opportunity to work with talents such as Shinji Aramaki, Mamoru Oshii and others from some of the greatest anime studios is a very rare opportunity for Microsoft.”

Halo: Legends will be available for retail in 2010 with exclusives and previews available on Xbox Live later in the year. Check out the trailer for Halo: Legends below.

Have a great weekend TGH’ers. You’re assignment for Monday is to say the words “Toy Boat” five times fast. Good Luck!

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