My First Metal Gear Solid 4 Moment

Hideo Kojima has taken a stand.

He has triumphantly stated through his work, you will play my game and like it! I don’t care how long you have to wait in-between sequences for loading and narrative.

Snake’s new catch phrase is fittingly “Kept you waiting, huh?”

The official website for MGS:4 is a travesty by web 2.0 standards. Mocking your long wait before you can view important content.

I believe he’s probably taking a quiet stab at the masses who have increasingly become impatient with the world. In a must have now mindset and sensibility, he’s chosen to serve you a dish slow cooked. Will you be patient (a mainstay of this stealth series) enough to enjoy what it is you are experiencing?

Presentation has always been what separated the Metal Gear Series for me and a whole lot of other gamers. The same can be said about Square’s Final Fantasy series. You may not agree with the story, or the characters, or locale, but you are certain of a quality well put together product. And for my now $65 - $92 (Special Edition) I’m glad a developer has chosen to give me something of quality.

You may have already guessed where I’m going with this post. But let me tell you, I am a FAN of the series. I luv it. I own every single US released version (and special edition releases). It is with great sadness that I begin my journey that is what promises to be Snake’s last stand.

It is now 2:38am and I have to go to bed, so I made the mistake of saying to myself. Let me just see how it starts…

Well first of all, that took a bit longer than I had anticipated. I was aware of the install required to play the game, but I wasn’t aware that my roommate’s PS3 (20 gig day 1 version) was basically full! I was politely told that there wasn’t enough free space. Hmm never got that error from my XBOX360 that I’ve played dozens more games for, but I digress.

After deleting the installs for games I shall not mention. I started the MGS install. Which was a brisk 14 minutes long…

(view some of the tidbits that snake gives you while smoking a stogey *actually a few)

After the install… Hitting start throws you the hell off.

You are treated with something absolutely unexpected. At least for me. When it comes to games/movies I really care about. I don’t watch trailers, I don’t read previews, I want to experience everything first-hand without any prejudices.

What happens when you first hit start is to say the least innovative, and if they are going to do what I think they are going to do it may be genius.

I also must note! This is also a ploy to hide the loading… wait why is it loading? Didn’t i just “install” the game for faster access? Oi!

I am then treated to the cinematic flair that has been Hideo. A beautiful sequence of images that play out as poetry on the battlefield. When I’m finally given control of Snake, I take a few steps and BAM the next cut scene … ok alright… given control again, take a few step and jig someone and then BAM another cut scene… at this point my eyes are getting woozy. Sleep is kicking in.

I kid you not. This was my first 25 minutes of “Gameplay”. I’ve come away not mad at all. I’m a Kojima nut, and I can without a doubt say what my eyes are beholding is nothing short of beauty. It is the best looking game on the PlayStation 3 to date. The animation of Snake may be stiff during play, but not at all during the cut scenes. The Gears show an “alive” type of animation that makes watching them move and search for “prey” fun. *note to self, stop using “quotes” DOH!

I intend to keep these diaries up as I attempt to plow through this game. I also intend to do it without giving away any specific plot points. I will be ultra vague, in an effort to not give away a spoiler. Play the game and you’ll know what I’m talking about. That simple. Everyone who has a PS3 at their disposal should play this game. This is what you all have been waiting for.

GTA? it only gets worse for you buddy. This is “Next-Gen”. Double DOH!


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