Mushroom Men Developer Walk Through Video Part 4 - Pax Heads Home

In this, the last of our exclusive “Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars” developer walkthroughs, we get a preview of one of the game’s later levels - Pax’s home… or at least what’s left of it. You’ll get a look at one of the most creative and beautiful, levels to come in quite some time for a 3D platformer, as the mysterious enemy Pester turns Pax’s world upside down, literally.

For more level walkthroughs you can check out some of these videos we’ve posted over the last two weeks:
Part 1: The Beginning
Part 2: Pax’s Journey
Part 3: Pax Goes To The Bathroom

And, check out our interview with Red Fly Studio’s Interactions Lead James Clarendon as he gives us some insight to the development of “Mushroom Men.”

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