Motorstorm Update 1.2

I’m not sure about most of you but I’m a little annoyed at the micromanagement that a lot of these games have been moving towards to these days. Several of my friends who keep up with the business side of things all agree that games are rivaling movie budgets, time, man power, and equipment that need money dropped on it in copious amounts.ÂÂ Still, I feel like some developers are using it as an excuse to deliver on gamesÂÂ at anÂÂ unquestionably low quality to gamers at times.  I’m sure that a publisher deadline has to be kept, but at the sacrifice of a descent game, you’d have to wonder.


Motorstorm 1.2 will hit ps3 soon and will have many-a-filler-patch. For anyone who has played the game for some time, knows that it has some serious issues other than just a slow start, taking some insane amount of time to load cars in the User Menu [WTF], and some server crashes here and there. Don’t believe me? See this post. Well that’s that, the new update will include -

  • - game listing improvment for online
  • - host ID [what did they use before for the data base]
  • - boost exploits?
  • - buddy list augmentations,
  • - audio fixes
  • - player ranking [shit, didn't even know that wasn't there from the start]
  • - auto start [wtf is this]
  • - save data corruption protection [guess my current file is shot and I don't even know it]
  • - lobby information [how did users navigate before?]
  • - vechicle damage reset after fatal crash [this didn't happen all the time but I to can vouch for this patch, so cool]
  • - Missing Audio! [wow, never heard this one before]
  • - Name tags [really, they were there in the first place, wow, new ones, that stay!!]

See what I mean?

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3 Responses to “Motorstorm Update 1.2”

  1. MarkyX on April 27th, 2007 9:46 pm

    No doubt it. Ever since people can create downloadable content, patches have become a new “crutch” for an otherwise poor programming and publishing. I still remember the days of Monolith releasing Shogo and Blood 2 with Multiplayer completely broken. Jason Hall, of course, tried to play PR on how everything was fine and that it was our computer’s fault that they didn’t work.

    Oddly enough, despite a history of blunders, Jason Hall now works for Warner Brothers developing games. Proof that the gaming industry doesn’t really have much of a standard.

    Fortunately, a lot of developers tend to put their heart with not only with the storyline and art, but the technical aspects as well. Gears of War, anyone?


  2. UnitDaGamer on April 28th, 2007 12:53 pm

    this is straight up bullsh!t! now its like developers can gat lazy and half ass these games cuz they can always finish ‘em up with “updates & patches”..what a damn shame…


  3. DW on April 28th, 2007 7:39 pm

    MarkyX: Ya man, Gears of War has its moments and shines as a technologicl feat but they were able to deliver on all fronts, or at least tried to. Insomniac games also has a framework for game development in which they target more than just the graphical experience [minus the absence of rumble feature] of a game. Kudos.

    UnitDaGamer: I can’t help but feed on the D.J. comments as he pointed out in the lauded interview that it takes a lot to deliever on “epic” titles and that developers, directors, and designers are loosing focus when those things are line.

    Champs like Kojima, Itsuno, and even Itagaki, all have a one target focus on their games and bubble up on the deliverance for experience, and that works. For example MGS Story, one of the most fascinating in our gaming time, pulls you in [strange as it may be at times] but actually promotes the experience of gameplay and the gameplays design.

    Can you really blame the developers or maybe its actually the hardware designers fault, for building machines that can take updates in the first place.


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