Never take a serious movie man, or gamer, likely. While I was only talking out of my ass when I said that “it would be nice if someone actually make a disc drive that plays all HD formats and shatter the idea of a HD War”, I didn’t think that firms had already caught on to this idea. Besides the feeling that my thoughts are no longer my own , I am happy to see that Buffalo will be making a combo drive to play all formats. This is just awesome, well at least for the people who don’t give a flying fart about game consoles but are into movies like lungs are into oxygen [and have nice silk lined pockets :) ]. Though in Japanese, the JP site lists plans for the new drive to be sold with internal and external versions ranging from Â¥47,000 - 74,500 [about $400 - 650.00]. Yea, the price range isn’t at the sweet spot that some of us would like but being the insane consumers that we are, it’s good to have options. With that in mind, I am sure home players will follow soon. Buffalo may end up being the UN forces for the War On HD, as movie executives rain terror on who gets what in HD. Personally, I think they will double up on their earnings by releasing, the once format-exclusive movies, in furture BR/HD versions so as to double up on their cash earnings. Hey, this is America, you better recognize. It would be good to point out that reviews on Buffalo’s hard drives have been descent over the years.

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