Metal Gear Solid The Animated Movie… With Bunnies?

Wow! On one hand it’s kinda cruel to see animals portrayed like this, but on the other it’s all kinds of awesome! This upcoming flick has nothing to do with “Metal Gear Solid,” but is based off of a popular manga series titled “Cat Shit One”. The overall premise of the series takes place during events based on real life conflicts like the Vietnam War and the War in Iraq during the early 90’s.

I’ve never heard of the series until now, but after seeing this trailer, I think I am a fan! It’s definitely a breath of fresh air from all the cute cg animal movies that flood our market. I just hope it gets a proper distribution over here! The movie is set to release at the end of this year early next year at the latest. You can find out more about the movie and series at the links below.

Official site

More on the manga

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