Martha Stewart + Wii = Mmmm,mmmmm good!

This my friends is a testament to Wii cross over appeal! The little white console has pretty much transcended all consoles before it. When you have some one such as Martha Stewart giving a recipe on how to bake a cake thats shaped like a Wii console says alot. Nintendo themselves couldn’t pay for this type of advertising. In the latest issue of Wired magazine, Martha(she also graces the cover with the cake itself) herself takes reader step by step through instructions on how to bake a Wii shaped cake. I don’t know about you guys, but this is pretty crazy as she is the last person on earth I would ever associate with gaming! Nintendo has truly struck gold amongst the casual and women market with the Wii. I can only imagine what the Sony and Microsoft marketing department are saying to themselves after seeing Martha on the cover as happy as ever next to her Wii cake. Nintendo, looks like you guys are on to something!

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