Mario Galaxy… time to change up the game!

Mario Galaxy is upon us and it can’t come soon enough! With glowing reviews slowly trickling in, it looks as though Galaxy is giving the 3d platforming genre a much needed shot in the arm. Word from reviewers are that the game takes everything we know about platformers and literally flips it upside down while bringing a feeling of freshness to the now stale genre. And for all you die-hard gamers, word from reviewers is also that the game is pretty hard when trying to go for all 120 stars. With a fully orchestrated soundtrack, sweet graphics, and crazy gameplay, this looks to blow away Mario 64 in each and every way and quite frankly is looking like the best 3d platformer to come out in a very long time! Just take a look at the videos for a peek at one of the early boss encounters and space hoping levels. Petty damn epic for an earlier boss if you ask me!

P.s. Mario has never looked and sound better till now. Hear the Mario Galaxy theme music which sounds like something strait out of a Spielberg film. Just click the link below. And I guarantee you’ll be humming the music in no time!

AWESOME theme music!

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One Response to “Mario Galaxy… time to change up the game!”

  1. DW on November 4th, 2007 1:55 pm

    that was kewl! :D


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