Madworld Is Coming - Families Across America Rejoice

“MadWorld” is coming, and for the first time in quite a while, I finally feel like I need to get my Wii fixed. I bought Nintendo’s Little White Savior, not only because I’m a huge fan of The House that Mario built, but mainly because I didn’t have enough money for the PS3 at the time. The initial wave of games impressed me; “Twilight Princess,” “Super Mario Galaxy,” and “Metroid Prime 3″ were all fantastic experiences, but since then I’ve rarely touched my Wii.

I’m not one of these casual games haters, but I do get frustrated every once in a while when I look at the newest sales numbers and see the Wii overwhelmingly on top. I’m glad that the Wii has brought in gamers of all ages, shapes, and sizes, but it’s become increasingly difficult too ignore the flood of processed, churned-out, trash available for the Wii. Over Christmas I did what many gamers did this year when they gathered with their families, and I played some Wii with my uncle (who’s never touched a controller in his life) and cousins. My uncle had just bought my cousin a Wii and some obscure bowling title for ten bucks. TEN BUCKS! And, I promise you, as someone who writes about games, he got what he paid for. The game was absolute bullshit, and I saw no reason to play it after I got past my first ten frames. However, when I looked over at my uncle, he was having the time of his life. Since then, I’ve thought about this issue a lot, and I just don’t ever see the day happening where people, like my uncle, will pick up a controller and sit through a hardcore title. Even if it’s dumbed down, and broken up in to a multitude of sectioned episodes. I’ll have more on that issue at a later date.

The topic at hand is Platinum Games’ “MadWorld.” Word on the street is that it’s shaping up to be the best “M” rated game for the Wii since “No More Heroes.” (You can read 2.0’s impressions of it here.) This uber-violent game is a lot like the old Schwarzennager movie “The Running Man”, where people must kill each other for the thrill of a TV show. Simply put, the Wii needs more games like this! If I were Nintendo, I’d be marketing the hell out of this game. There is no reason that you can’t cater to the mature crowd while already sustaining, and pleasing, your fan base of casual gamers.

Whatever the case, I hope that you Wii owners are going to pick this up. Then, the next time a family member says how much they love the Wii, start up “MadWorld,” and see just how dedicated a gamer they really are. “MadWorld” sees its release on this week - stay tuned to TGH for a review.

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One Response to “Madworld Is Coming - Families Across America Rejoice”

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