High rez “MadWorld” trailer(and pics!)

What happens when you roll and mix the classic game Smash TV with some Sin City and a dash of the movie Running Man all into one? Why Mad World of course! Those references pretty much some up what could only be the bloodiest looking game yet. Not to much detail was given on the overall premise of the title. But one thing was revealed and that was all that red blood isn’t just for show. Apparently it plays a big part of the game as the more blood you spill, the better the crowd reaction to your performance. Pretty sick huh! As for controls, early hands on report that it mimics a style similar to the recent No More Heroes in which you quickly did motions to finish off opponents while controlling the main character with the nunchuck.

Mad World is slated to drop on the Wii in the first quarter of 2009 from Platnium Games Inc. and Sega. I have to say I am really happy to see this title as it smacks dead in the face the normal stuff we are so used to seeing in this generation of gaming. In a time where every game tries to look real, I feel gaming has lost it’s touch with it’s artistic side. And the fact that the same team behind the beautiful Okami is at the helm, I expect nothing less from this title as those kats proved that you can have a beautiful and artistic game in which it’s style actually works with and enhances the gameplay! Between games like this and No More Hereos, I still have faith that game designers still have a medium that lets their artistic visions run wild and crazy(it doesn’t get any crazier than MadWorld). One thing is for sure, I still find it hard to believe this is coming out on the same console that has Wii Fit and Cooking Mama!

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