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Livin’ the Dream(cast) On PSN


With the upcoming release of the PSP Go, and the already released PS3 Slim, Sony is seemingly reinventing themselves in attempts to further their position in the current console war. But with all this new hardware debuting, it’s easy to lose track of Sony’s other ace-in-the-hole; the PlayStation Network.

While many gamers in the U.S. feel they’re getting shortchanged when comparing PSN in the U.S. to that of Sony of Japan’s online division, stateside support for Sony’s free, online service seems to be improving. Earlier this week, a member of the NeoGAF forums came across an article entitled “SCEA Meeting Aug. 5th Notes,” via Sega’s PR site, and if all things listed in the document come to fruition, PS3 owners can look forward to a myriad of improvements across the PSN.

The most notable of these improvements is the possibility of Dreamcast games, as well as PS3 imports, appearing on PSN. The document also claims that Sony will look toward offering their PS2 catalog on the online network.

Not all information was delegated toward PSN, however, as announcements on iconic and new Sega franchises appeared as well.

Sonic may be working overtime this fall, as a possible Blu-ray anniversary collection could be in the works, encompassing all of Sonic’s past gems. A Sonic cart racer may also be in the works, including exclusive content only available on the PS3.

Other leaks in the article included a possible January 5th release date for “Bayonetta” (here’s to hoping), new Sega-developed movie IP’s getting spaces in Home (here’s to not caring) and a spring 2010 release date for Sony’s new motion controller.

While much of this information provides an exciting look as to what may be making its way to PSN, it’s important to remember that NONE of this is confirmed, and could likely turn up unreliable. However, the possibility of playing Dreamcast games right off of my PS3 will have me crossing my fingers for quite some time

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