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Live Retro Play Theater: Twin Cobra for the Sega Genesis

Retro Play Theater

Another Thursday, another Retro Play Theater.

Twin CobraThis time we will be stepping back from the old grey NES and marching towards the 16-bit era. It was at this time when arcade games slowly transitioned from smoke-filled bars populated by misfits to households being maintained by the mythical nuclear family.

Sega jumped onto the whole “arcade at your home” marketing mentality when they were close to launching the Genesis. Besides the memorable phrase “Sega does what Nintendon’t”, they also boasted about how they would be bringing 16-bit “arcade graphics” home for all to play. And what was their launch title? “Altered Beast”!

But I’m not going to try to beat “Altered Beast” today. Instead, my eyes are set on “Twin Cobra,” a vertical arcade shooter by Taito that saw multiple ports, with the best one being on the Genesis. Like many arcade shooters, this one is extremely difficult with enemies popping up from the left, right, top, and bottom of the screen. Unlike many arcade shooters, the only power-ups you received were the ones for your weapon; things like shields and speed boosts don’t exist here. If you got shot, you die and you lose everything.

I won’t touch the settings of the game, which gives me 17 credits, 3 lives, and a somewhat harder difficulty. I start playing at 1 PM EST and finish when I beat the game, or give up. Watch me live below, or live on Mogolus.

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