Legends of WrestleMania Body Slams New York Comic Con

In all honesty, I have never cared about the release of a wrestling title… ever. It’s just not my thing, but, for the first time ever, “Legends of WrestleMania” has more than peaked my interest. One of the reasons I have overlooked a lot of the recent WWE and WCW releases was that I just don’t care about the wrestlers - however, if you throw Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant in the ring together, I’m going to take a second look. Sure, I could go back to my NES and set up the same match in the original “WrestleMania” game, but, seeing the gods of my youth in HD is a completely different experience. When TrueGameHeadz went to New York Comic Con last week Unit got a chance to check out the THQ’s latest game, and what we can expect when the game hits stores on March 24th.

With the rumored lineup that surfaced on NeoGaf this weekend, “Legends of WrestleMania” looks like it’s going to be killer.

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2 Responses to “Legends of WrestleMania Body Slams New York Comic Con”

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