Pure Pulse - Part III Leach Beam to Return in Wipeout

Ahh the leach beam, a bane in my side. Sir-G had me on that one many a moons ago, and its only now I think that I catch up to his insane hand eye coordination skills to capture a gold against him one on one. Though my mentor may disagree and confirm his lapse of interest in the series as of late, [mostly due to that horrible Fusion release], I am constantly reminding him of how redeeming Pure was for the PSP. Don’t mind my fervent itch to re-live that experience on PS3 of gold status winnings, and perfect laps, on every track [and all those before that on EU and US versions]. Consider what Tony Buckley and the boys at SCE Studio Liverpool are offering from the purest the series has yet to offer -

  • Community Sites can be made by everyone [customizable]
  • Photomode [nothing new really but think of it as those GT money shots]
  • Online battles and online 2 man team battles within a total of 8 man slug fest
  • 8 tracks total, 6 from Pure, and 2 new ones from pulse
  • Downloadable content - new tracks, music [for your 5.1 sound system], and more

The more news I hear about this game, the more I get amped; Keep in mind that Mr. Buckley is not the only one that would take up Wipeout Piloting as a profession. Still the burning question, will they ever make a pure release for PS3 - Tony Buckley thinks so, and so should you.

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2 Responses to “Pure Pulse - Part III Leach Beam to Return in Wipeout”

  1. Sir-G on September 25th, 2007 11:08 pm

    Ahhh, Wipeout! Well Im happy to see Sony hadn’t given up on the series. It’s funny too after all these years Wipeout and F-Zero still hold their own when it comes to futuristic racers. That horrible racer(Fatal Inertia) that just released is a testament to that fact! I’ll admit the graphics in this PS3 version aren’t a graphical beast, but what it has a pretty much perfect and clean design aesthetic that I think is fully realized. I don’t own a PS3 yet, but when I do get one, this will be the first game I download. Now I can’t wait to hear the soundtrack line-up!


  2. DW on September 26th, 2007 12:34 am

    Sweet. A lot of the tracks on the PSP version got descent reviews. If Pulse keeps up on its promise for PSP, you’ll be able to throw in anything you want to sing o’ling with our missiles. ;) A lot of the tracks from pure will make it over - take a listen here: http://www.distinctiverecords.com/wipeout/


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