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Someone should have told the young man at about marketing vengence. The Brazilian based blog site was the first site to post pictures of Street Fighter IV if you didn’t know. Capcom marketing didn’t take it too lightly, following up with a few warnings, threats, and suits scaring the one-man site into dark corners of Street Fighter. The point is, he blogged about something that a ton of people would have found out about anyways across the blog-verse. Maybe they were trying to time online blog news?

Screens and Videos of Namco’s final boss for Tekken 6 also reared its ugly head but no one was warned or threatened. Looks like Namco is going for the biggest, and tallest, boss in a 3D fighter ever as the towering beast is the twice the height of, and breadth, of any fighter in the series. Since we’re on the topic of 3D, looks like SNK boys also want to do a new fighter for their series that will also use 3D and 2D elements according to Kotaku.

Blizzard and Activision have performed the ultimate robotic transformation into one firm resulting in the largest merger for a video game company, ever. The merger results in a total of about $3.8 Billion. With the requirements for a good game these days, and considering how powerful systems are getting, it makes sense that things like this happen as the cost of producing and making profit-making games rise.

SCEE took time to make a new site for their upcoming title for the PSP - Wipeout Pulse. Site designs aside, the game is looking to deliver everything that made Pure a classic on the portable system. No word on the actual release date for Wipeout HD though. That title was expected to be released sometime late 2007 when it was first announced but it looks like it has been sucked into the Void of Delay.

GT and GameHead took an interesting look at women in gaming starting Sunday before last. Someone should have warned Geoff before he started asking those hard hitting questions but the interview was fun to watch as they covered female workers from Bioshock and Girls are not to be taken lightly though, from my experience in fighting games, and even my Call of Duty 4 clan. It is a little strange, and entertaining, when I hear them trash talk other gamers though, but as long as we’re winning, I could care less who is bringing the pain to the other guy. Learn more about girl gaming by checking out the following sites below -

  • Frag Dolls
  • Everground
  • Jessica Chobot - 10′th Place top 10 Female Gamers
  • Gorgeous Gamers - Home of Clover
  • PMSCLAN [I still think this clan name is insane but hey, they kick butt]

One guy/girl wasn’t paying attention at Circuit City, as it was possible, for a brief moment, to purchase the the Sony 2 gig memory stick duo for $20.00 last week. Damn, I missed that one but people were actually able to get away with it long before Circuit City realized what was going on. Oops.

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