Last Week in Gaming … Final Post.

The year is almost over. Before we take a look at what happend last week take a look at the the New TrueGameHeadz GameSlap Guide and fill your stockings!

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Thank you ladies! Well done. Well done to the user mod for UT3. If I remember what the MOD community was like when UT was the only FPS to own for your PC, things could get seriously out of hand. That’s a good thing though since we love user generated content more than the games content [some of the time]. Sony is not stopping there, Folklore got a few updates as well as the PS3 firmware, and some other games like Warhawk. T’is the season. Where’s my free shit! Still in the PS camp, its nice to hear that MASS Effect will make it PS3 but honestly I’m not hyped about the game since the 360 version wasn’t what I had expected. Perhaps my expectations for the Game was too high. Ah well, can we really trust the words of Michael Patcher?

So the firmware update gave you 1.1 Profile for your BluRay DVDs and if you’re not a Audio/Vidoe-phile you probably don’t know/care to know what that is. I’ll tell you anways. The profile, in short is a definition of what your player can/cannot do. Here is the break down -

Profile 1.0 has:

  • 64KB of builtin persistent memory
  • No storage capacity
  • An optional Secondary Video Converter
  • An optional Secondary Audio Converter
  • An optional Virtual File Support System
  • No internet connectivity

Profile 1.1 has:

  • 64KB of builtin persistent memory
  • 256MB of storage capacity
  • Mandatory Secondary Video Converter
  • Mandatory Secondary Audio Converter
  • Mandatory Virtual File System
  • Internet Connectivity

Profile 2.0 has everything Profile 1.1 has, but all items are mandatory and at least 1GB of storage capacity is needed. Big deal? Well, remember when PIP was a huge thing back in the tube days. HD doesn’t do that quite well, and thats in both camps. It’s too demanding so more powerful HD players are needed. The above profile, are standards, that help us get those tried and true features we grew up loving.

I grew up loving Nintendo and people are still getting mugged for the units across the Triboros here in New York. You have to wonder, the families that get up at at 2, to get in line at Best Buys and Circuit Cities across the country should be provided some level of protection. Its’ an unstoppable beast and there’s nothing Sony or MS can do about it … for now. Like any system that is not availabe for demand, will hurt its manufacture. Nintendo is supposed to be loosing out on “Billions!” of dollars. Okay, its obvious, if they don’t make next gen system end all systems with that kind of cash flow, greedy would be an understatement. Hey show some love.


Thanks to Satoru Iwata for making Nintendo one of the most richest companies in the world. My 10 shares of stock in the company are well earned. Trully deserving of Man of the Year in Gaming. The question is when to pull out.

Ubisoft was nice enough to out that much wanted XBOX360 Demo - Dark Messiah recently. I didn’t get to play it but if you’re a fan, the word is to check it out. No slackers to the game, Halo 3 also had Team Hardcore added to its mode list. Direct feed videos are great! Especially when they include Ninja Gaiden II. The boys over at XBox360Fanboy will not feel an once of guiltiness in a recent post that shows off Ryu in more glory. See the video here - I can never get enough of these!

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