Ladies and Gentlemen… new Halo 3 trailer…….

Just watch it.

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One Response to “Ladies and Gentlemen… new Halo 3 trailer…….”

  1. DaveDaGamer on July 11th, 2007 11:36 am

    Oh My.

    It looks like the ultimate of what they’ve been going for. The Epic Sci-Fi adventure game. Which I think they will pull off, because the score is Top Notch, and I KNOW Bungie is filled with die-hards, so they’ll make the game the best it could be.

    A lot of people knock Halo 2, but they don’t take into account, they were shooting for something the couldn’t hit on the original XBOX in the timeframe they had to put the game out. What they did do was build a solid Multiplayer foundation that is copied the world over. This game, they KNOW they have to bring it story wise as well, I have no doubt they will.

    Once again, Playstation’s “Halo Killer will fall” Why? Because it is just a shiny game, with no real substance. The story was what grabbed original gamers in Halo after the graphics wore off, and then the controls made you say (Whoa this actually feels right)

    I don’t see anything out there taking that away.


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