Kratos is Back… and This Time, He’s Pissed

Kratos has returned, and from the looks of things he’s not to happy. Seriously, take a look at the picture above. How Fu!!$!g awesome is that? I will give all of you a collective minute to let your nerd boners settle, and then continue reading below.

OK, now that you’ve all had time to change pants, you can begin to get excited again for all things “God of War 3.”  Earlier today, Sony showed off “GOW 3″ and many of the innovations that are coming to the series. The new, extended trailer (which can be seen after the jump) showed Kratos battling through hordes of enemies with his signature blades and a new weapon by the name of Cestus. This Cestus is a pair of huge, lion-faced, shaped fists, not all that dissimilar to the Gauntlet of Zeus from “Chains of Olympus.” While the trailer had a somewhat cinematic feel to it, “GOW 3″ director, Stig Asmusen assured onlookers that everything was entirely in-game.

It’s no secret that “GOW” is one of my favorite franchises, but like most people who played “GOW2″ I felt that the series could have used a bit more innovation. Everything shown today seems to suggest that Kratos’ next adventure is going to deliver a refreshing take on the series, all while continuing to provide sadistic, uncontrolled vengeance.

Kratos will now have the ability to “play” around a bit more with his enemies. In past entries, Kratos could grab his enemies and perform a small list of preset moves, but in “GOW 3″ you’ll be able to decide what he does once his enemies are within his grasps. Kratos can throw villains into others, run full speed into crowds using a disabled body as a shield, or carry them into a mass of people and set off a Neo-like blast, as seen in the demo.

Asmusen also stated that there would be a minimum of four weapons, and that each weapon would affect the stance Kratos was in, and that the weight of the weapons would affect his movements as well.

While I wasn’t privileged enough to be in the room for the barrage of new info, the buzz from those who were is infectious to say the least.  Graphically, the game is shaping up to be the poster child for what the PS3 can do, and the descriptions of Kratos’ new talent are quite impressive. Are you all excited as I am, or are there actually Kratos haters out there?

One final tidbit of news on the “GoW” front is that Sony plans to reveal the release date at this years E3. As always, keep an eye out for any new “God of War 3″ info on America’s favorite gaming website, Truegameheadz. Peace everyone, and remember “In the end, there will be only Chaos!”

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