Killzone 2: Soon To Be Killing Them Softly


“Killzone 2″ is about to hit store shelves and with reviewable copies being sent out nationwide, and the game is shaping up to be the exclusive to own in 2009.

Metacritic has a collective score for the game at 93 percent and critics all over are praising Guerrilla Games latest attempt at a “Halo Killer.” wowed at the detail given to the game, noting spectacular effects such as the glass on your mech cracking after taking various amounts of damage. They even went as far as to say that “Killzone 2″ was the first potential candidate for 2009 “game of the year”.

IGN said the scope of the game was fantastic, and that the graphics really help immerse you in the war-torn world of “K2.” They also noted that the multilayer is as solid as anything else out on the system and that people will be playing “K2″ for months to come.

IGN did say that the game featured minor slowdown while loading different areas of the game, and that some of the weapon effects could have looked more realistic. But overall, minor gripes in a amazing package.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am getting fairly excited. I knew “Killzone 2″ would be a good game, I just wasn’t sure whether or not it was going to be the type of game that could help move systems off store shelves. However, these early reviews suggest that the game may indeed do just that. The first “Killzone” was definitely a fun and interesting take on the genre, but the game was not as memorable as Sony might have liked. It’s nice too see that Guerrilla Games is finally getting everything worked out their second time through. Only two more weeks gamers, then you and I can join forces and take out those Helghast bastards with authority. And keep you eyes peeled as TGH will have our own review in the coming weeks.

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3 Responses to “Killzone 2: Soon To Be Killing Them Softly”

  1. Lee on February 6th, 2009 7:44 pm

    The controls in the demo killed me softly alright.


    DW Reply:


    I am going to have to agree with Lee on this one. Yea, its impressive visually and it has all that linear, your a cog in a giant machine, taking orders from some random foul mouthed NPC while dropping, popping, shooting (and not jumping) your way with through hordes of enemies … on “interesting” controls stuff down pact.

    I think Guerilla, is trying to be different per there post over at PlayStation Forums ( Here’s an excerpt from one of the clandestine developers on the games -

    “Hey folks,

    I have been looking at this with one of our Game Designers and we are starting to come to the conclusion that this is down primarily to the design decision to make the game weightier. Killzone 2 is not a ‘twitchy’ shooter like some of you might be (rightfully) accustomed to and we think it might simply be down to some growing pains on some people’s behalf. In this demo we also did not add the section that comes before this where a player would naturally climatize to the controls and have simply dumped you on Corinth River, so I think a lot of these complaints will be negated by the players natural progression through the full game.

    So at this moment we are not considering it a bug, or anything that needs to be patched.

    We do suggest however not having the sensitivity on full as this can make the appearence of a delay seem more aggressively. Work your way up the sensitivity scale slowly as you become more accustomed to the game.
    … ”

    That’s weak. I think they are forgetting that a lot of these fps loving gamers have been playing nothing but call of duty 4/5, resistance, GOW2 for the past 6 - 8 months. Yes, all twitchy type FPS games.

    I get the idea, “lets be unique” but in this day and age, FPS games are a dime a dozen. Differentiate in a different aspect of the game please and lets pick a framework for gamers that works.


  2. UnitDaGamer on February 9th, 2009 1:29 am

    i’m sure just like with any other game, you’ll get used to the controls. It’s not like the controls are broken and can’t be played. So faulting Kz2 because it doesn’t control like call of duty, gears of war, resistance, etc based solely off a short demo is jumping the gun alittle (again, give it time and you might get used to it). But If you’ve played thru atleast half of the game and still can’t get to grips with the controls, then you’ll have you’re problem. Part of the challenge with games is also learning how to work with the controls they give you.


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