And you thought DBZ games reached their peek!

Now why didn’t i think of this one! This can be the Dragonball online game every fan has been waiting for, sure the fighting games have done their damage already but really guys no more please! How many times can you go through Goku’s story over and over again it feels like i was their when it all happen cell saga, buu saga etc., Seriously! Just think of all the possibilities you may face in this game new villains new heroes untold events made up on the fly. I’ll be keeping my eye’s out for this one and I’ll be sure to keep u guys posts when more news surfaces.


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One Response to “And you thought DBZ games reached their peek!”

  1. Sir-G on February 15th, 2008 10:44 pm

    Now this can be something pretty good! There was a big uproar from Japaneses fans because Koreans were actually making this game! But truth is, they have much more experience in creating MMO’s because those are the games that dominate their market. So in the end, the gamers win because we get a much more solid product. This is one MMO i would love to play!


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