Jay-Z, MF Doom, Aseop Rock and Ocarina of Time??

This is why I love my pasttime as a gamer. It’s the whole culture around it and the many things the fans create surrounding this cool hobby! Take for instance this latest blending of two genres. Hip Hop and the all time classic Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. The folks over at Team Teamwork (love the play on words) found the need to lay some of Hip Hops famous mcees over some of the unforgettable samples from Ocarina of Time in their new mix cd “The Ocarina of Ryhme”. And with some good results. Give it a listen and see why we are all part of one of the coolest forms of entertainment period!

The Ocarina of Rhyme - Tracklist:

01 - Clipse - Virginia (Lost Woods)
02 - Dr. Dre + Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E. (Getting Treasure)
03 - Jay-Z - No Hook (Meeting the Owl)
04 - Pimp C, Lil Keke + P.O.P. - Knockin’ Doorz Down (Hyrule Field)
05 - Common - I used to Love H.E.R. (Hyrule Market)
06 - Aesop Rock - No Jumpercables (Goron Village)
07 - Edan - Fumbling Over Words (Battle)
08 - MF Doom - Vomit (Horse Race at Lon Lon Ranch)
09 - Spank Rock - IMC (Zora’s Domain)
10 - Slim Thug + Mike Jones - Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain)

Download here!

p.s. I took the liberty of whipping up that little album cover since the original is kinda well… wack!

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One Response to “Jay-Z, MF Doom, Aseop Rock and Ocarina of Time??”

  1. Sleaze on March 19th, 2009 10:54 am

    I also created a mixtape called “The Ocarina of Rhyme”!! you can check it out here:



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