Introductions Are In Order: New Headz In The House

TrueGameHeadzAs TrueGameHeadz grows, we have had the pleasure of adding some additional writers for your reading pleasure. Over the last few weeks the TGH brain trust have gone through a ton of submissions from potential writers, and we settled on three of the best that we thought you guys would really enjoy reading, so keep an eye out for posts from them over the next few weeks and beyond. And now for a few words from each of them…

Hey everybody! I’m proud to begin writing here at TrueGameHeadz. My name is Spek. I was grown down in New Orleans, LA. I was picked out of the dirt to study on the Virginia coast. That’s where I managed to play more games than sleep. Graduation came quickly, so I squeezed a programming gig out of my Computer Science degree in North Carolina. Of course, almost all of my down time is dedicated to gaming. My life in three words would be: eat, think, and game. All that thinking and gaming will hopefully give you ladies and gents some good info, laughs, and food for thought. See you in the future.

Lou Chou:
My name’s Lou Chou, I’m 21 years old, and hail from this awkward land mass some might refer to as the United Kingdom. Since my early teens I’ve been writing about games, but it was during college that I found my place in the blogosphere. Doing a degree in media production, and a lot of studies into film and cultural theory, helped me recognize a series of connections between gaming and the subjects I was being taught. Now I try to apply as much of what I learned to my writing, in the hope that I can open gamers up to a new dimension of their favorite past-time.

Nat X7:
Hey guys, whats up? My names Nathaniel. I will be helping out around the site with whatever I can. Mostly I will be blogging and bringing little bits of videogame news to the masses. I’m an avid gamer and when I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with my PS3. Has anyone seen the new God of War 3 trailer? How could you not be excited for that? Anyways, feel free to get a hold of me with any questions at my email, , or look for me online - my gamertag is Nat X7. When I’m not taking down noobs online I’m on the golf course or inside the racquetball courts. Drop me a line and say hi sometime or team up with me on PSN and help represent for TGH. Lastly, I look forward to helping the site out and not only growing as a gamer, but as a writer as well.

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One Response to “Introductions Are In Order: New Headz In The House”

  1. UnitDaGamer on December 20th, 2008 7:49 pm

    Welcome aboard guys! Hope you enjoy the ride!


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