Interesting word on those 40-hour gamers

If you are like me, you don’t want to spend countless hours to find out the conclusion of God of War, Quake, and Half Life. You have other things to worry about too.

But there is a hardcore bunch of gamers that want 40 hours, or else they will not buy the game. Wired takes a look at The Mythical 40-Hour Gamer, exploring who exactly wants, and plays those long-ass 40-hour games:

The demographic schism over 40-hour gameplay is gradually becoming a big problem for game designers. Their options are unenviable. If they develop a game aimed at the hard-core crowd, a wuss like me will almost certainly never finish it. If they do the opposite, the power cartel will blow through the game in afternoon and feel justifiably ripped off: I paid $50 for this?

Is this a solvable problem? Or will games just continue to develop in schismatic ways? I can’t yet tell. A slender few designers of narrative games have tried to split the difference. The guys doing episodic games, as I wrote several months ago, are chopping their games into smaller pieces, in hopes of making them more digestible. And some designers just hit a perfect midpoint: Halo became famous for creating a long narrative game that also offered “30 seconds of fun” over and over again, perfect for short play-sessions.

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