Inside the Nuthouse - A Look at Batman: Arkham Asylum

BatmanBatman games don’t normally have the highest success rate in the gaming industry. Whenever a new Batman game is announced, it’s usually met with much excitement, however, when they’re released they normally disappoint without fail. Fortunately, Eidos and Rocksteady are looking to change all that with “Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

The game is being shown off on the GDC show floor, and if ya ask me, it’s looking pretty sweet.  In the video below, Game Director, Sefton Hill, takes the liberty of explaining exactly how we will be disposing of the Joker’s baddies once inside Arkham. It looks like a pretty interesting take on stealth gameplay, (the explosive foam in the shape of a bat logo is a nice touch). What you see in the video is not actually part of the single player campaign, but a challenge mode that can be unlocked upon completion of the game. Apparently the game will be loaded with unlockables that will make Batman fans giddy in their pants.

“Batman: Arkham Asylum” is set for release in June for Xbox 360 and PS3. The special edition will be available for a hefty price of $100, however, it comes with a list of goodies, most notably a real live batarang.

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2 Responses to “Inside the Nuthouse - A Look at Batman: Arkham Asylum”

  1. Sir-G on March 28th, 2009 3:47 am

    Now this is a Batman game I been waiting for! It looks really good and the special edition package sounds even better. For a 100 dollar price tag, I wonder what type of material that batarang is made from!


  2. 2.o on March 28th, 2009 10:41 pm

    Does it really matter? It’s a freakin baterang


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