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Indie Brawl Well On The Way - Three Characters Ready To Fight

Indie Brawl

When you leave a variety of game developers alone with talented artists, great things can happen like “Chrono Trigger,” “Resident Evil,” and countless other titles can become the fruits of their labor. The “Super Smash Bros.” series is one of those titles, and since its release the biggest minds in the independent gaming community have come together to release their own collaborative fighting game, “Indie Brawl.” After a lot of strain to secure rights from established producers of acclaimed independent games (some that are even lined up for an eventual Wii release), a bare-bones framework, with three characters now fully made. The Golden Knight from “Bonesaw,” the main marine-equse character from the platformer “Aquaira,” and a worm from the realtime strategy hit heavily inspired by “Worms,” Liero.

Indie Brawl

While it’s still in the development stages, there are plans for six other characters, and at least four or five different game modes. The game has been a massive community project on The Independent Gaming Source for the longest time, and we are finally able to see something that resembles a playable product. “Indie Brawl” will be influenced by a culture that pulls items, enemies, stages and references from many of the indie titles that are out there, and they are always looking to connect and please their epic fan-bases.

The graphics, at this point in time, are pretty streamlined, and heavily influenced by the pixel, and the combat system is solid, but it’s clear there’s still a lot of work to do. For example, attacks seem to meld right through opponents, and balancing effects may have to be made. While I enjoy smashing a player’s head in with a “Bonesaw,” the weapon itself makes the competitor’s chances very slim, for a short amount of time, which leads to consistent death until the effect is over… which is a long time.

All in all, I would suggest keeping an eye out for “Indie Brawl,” as it should be pretty interesting once a full launch is prepared. I’ll certainly be there.

To check out the game, go here.

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