If Warhawk 2 Took Place in Space, Would it be Called ‘Spacehawk’?

Good Morning, gamers. Guess what this week is… GDC! That’s right, one of the year’s biggest gaming conventions is finally upon us, and news is already being spilled.

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Dylan Jobe, a member of Incognito studios, will be leaving, along with other Incog members to form Lightbox Interactive. This is not the first time key members have left Incognito to move on toward their own studio adventures. You may recall “God of War” creator, David Jaffe, leaving the studio in 2007 to form his own development house, now called “Eat, Sleep, Play.”

A statement from Lightbox goes on to note their exclusive partnership with Sony, stating, “Our team is comprised of members that made significant contributions to the games “Twisted Metal: Black,” “War of the Monsters,” “Warhawk” and all of its expansion packs. We’re currently engaged in a multi-year, multi-title partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment America developing games for the PlayStation family of platforms.”

And speaking of “Warhawk”, it seems like Jobe and the rest of Lightbox are wasting very little time, as rumors indicate that they are already working on the next version of “Warhawk” set to take place in space. Sources close to Kotaku say that the game has been in development for quite some time, already.

However, Jobe is staying mum, telling Kotaku “We’re incredibly happy to continue working with Sony Computer Entertainment America and World Wide Studios. We’ve got a great relationship with them and I’m really proud of our new partnership. With regard to the inevitable “What are you guys working on?”… It’s way too early to comment on anything but I can say that we have some really exciting stuff in development that our Warhawk fans and new players will love.”

Pretty cool news if you ask me. “Warhawk” was, and still is, a lot of fun, and has created quite a community among the Sony faithful.  I can’t help but hope that this “sequel” will contain some sort of single player aspect, but only time will tell. Remember, as of right now, this has not been confirmed. So don’t go running down to your nearest Gamestop with pre-order cash just yet.

Anyways, keep it tuned here kids. As I’ll have GDC info for you kids all week. Till then, gamers.

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