Hollywood’s “May”hem

Okay movie buffs, so looking back this month, Hollywood could probably see itself make almost a billion dollars, thanks to flicks like Spiderman 3, Shrek 3 and the third installment of Pirates of the Caribbean “At World’s End”. But was it really worth it? Spiderman 3 wasted my time and money for starters. Plot was weak, and it’s pretty much going the route the 1980’s-1990’s Batman flicks did of killing off the villains. Critics gave it anywhere from 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 stars. Why? And all those other critics who awarded it 3 stars are completely mindless! They either don’t follow comics or they’re probably been paid off to give it a good review. In the future, head over to your neighborhood comic book store and ask those people there for a “real” review. They’ll give you an honest answer. I could go on, and on with that flick, but lets just say I left the theater mad as hell! And to top it off, the game also released at the same time and gets rated worst game of the year! Shrek 3, well I actually liked it for the concept it played with the other fairy tale characters such as Cinderella, Snow White, etc. (It’s like a “Where Are They Now” setting. Kinda cool) Plus, I needed to make up for Spidey 3. But yet, for some strange reason, the critics weren’t really moved. (2 1/2 stars) Pretty much saying that this flick ran it’s course. Same was said of the last Pirates feature. I could admit it dragged a little; (maybe I’ll lay off the “pints” before viewing my next feature) but you really have to be a movie buff or historian to appreciate the “subplots” Pirates offered. Maybe they rushed it? I don’t know, but the real question is… “Is it about Quality or Quantity

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