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Help Wanted: Treyarch (Activision)

I’m sure you may be familiar with Treyarch. If not, maybe you haven’t played a  little game titled “Call Of Duty: World at War”. If not, do yourself a favor and do so, as it has zombies! And anything with zombies is good in my book. So the fine folks over at Treyarch are looking for a producer. If you happen to have any skills producing, nows the time to give them a call (not literally as no company likes phone calls about jobs). The requirements look a bit heavy, but it’s always worth a shot. Take a look below for the full details.


The Producer’s primary mission is to make sure that the game is done on time and on budget. He must be aware of what all employees’ tasks are, and be able to track them accurately. The Producer must be able to work closely with the Project Leads, understand the vision of the game, and assist in making the vision a reality. You should enjoy talking to people and problem solving while thinking on your feet. You will need all these skills because you will have to come in and earn the respect of your team.

• Have worked directly on a creative production team as an Assistant Producer (2 or more shipped titles), or as a Producer on 1 shipped titles. Primary  experience should be with next generation platforms.

• Understand the project leads vision for the game and be able to distill this vision into a sensible, prioritized schedule
• Communicate and coordinate tasks across departments
• Be responsible and accountable for the team making deadlines
• Approve and track schedules
• Manage the weekly task lists
• Create with the Project Leads the long-term schedule, milestone feature list, and milestone schedule docs
• Manage outside contractors
• Remove roadblocks to dev team
• Work directly with Activision Reps and Producers, Marketing, etc.
• Give the Project Lead feedback from Activision in a clearly defined way
• Manage SKU submission (TRC, TCR, etc) and QA feedback (Activision QA)
• Manage localization issues such as translation and territorial content guidelines
• Have knowledge of excel, MS Word, and other project management programs
• Have familiarity with Max, Photoshop, Programming languages ( C, C++, Lua )
• Be a good problem solver
• Have the ability to accurately gauge how long tasks will take
• Have experience tracking tasks for all disciplines: programming, art, animation, design, etc.
• Have the ability to distill meeting notes into coherent task lists
• Be a good communicator and have a desire to connect different departments


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