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Help Wanted: Rainbow Studios (THQ)

It’s no surprise to anyone that the job market is pretty terrible as of now. But it isn’t all doom and gloom as you might hear all the time, especially in the games industry. And so, we here at TGH will be posting up new job positions from game studios located around the world. So, if you’re not sure of the industry’s landscape, check back here every week, and hopefully you’ll spot some game company who you’d like to get your feet wet with! Without further delay, we present the hiring game company of the week - Rainbow Studios:

Rainbow Studios (Publisher: THQ)

Game designers conceive of, communicate, and hold the vision of the game throughout production. They inspire the team to build unique and innovative products. With an innate sense of how to identify and communicate fun game play experiences, our designers foster creative and productive work environments.

Design Director is accountable for the overall game experience and for all design processes related to this including but not limited to content, style, gameplay, scripts, and user interface.


  • If you are applying for an art position, please send a reel, a CD, a portfolio, or a URL to a portfolio web site.
  • When creating your profile in our application database, we would prefer that you submit a Word document when uploading your resume.
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