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Ahh David Doak, one of the founding fathers of Rare, and that ever comparable FPS Goldeneye. Any descent gamer knows, that the only FPS that ever mattered over the last 10 years was Goldeneye. Yea, I said that. Lately, I’ve been a little annoyed with all aspects of the gaming industry, from publishing pushing out false ads, and delivering even more false games, to manufacturers making batteries that explode and can turn your portable devices into a bomb. Well, maybe not but you get what I mean. David Doak understands what I mean when he says things like this -

It’s funny, because the videogame industry almost damns itself by just going out and saying, ‘hey, we’re all generic and boring and we just do the same shooters all over again, and let’s make another one,’ which is a shame. And then people look at us and say, ‘you know, you guys, you’ve got nothing useful to say about the world, because you’re just there beating off in your little box making the same kind of thing’. I’d like to push it. I think with TimeSplitters we were also trying to push it, because we’re saying, ‘these shooting games - let’s not take them too seriously, because it’s good fun’. And some people get that and some people don’t get that. It’s most disappointing, when sometimes in the States people get TimeSplitters and say, ‘well why’s it so stupid?’ Well, it’s just trying to be fun.

Which brings up an important topic for me; fun with videogames. I think, in all the promotions and all the hub, bub, weave, parry, ho, gamers and producer-developer-manufacturer-creator-IP-Owners-designers are loosing the point. Sometimes Earth Defense Force is just more fun anything on the planet, heck, even Goldeneye. Did you forget why you would travel 18 train stops into the next county to go some guy, who you know only 10 other guys knew about, and was the only one that carried a certain title even if it was sold out? You did didn’t you? Or more precisely, you can’t see yourself as that person anymore, you even think that you’re a sell out to corporate gaming. Lies.


Every gamer knows that if a title doesn’t speak to you when you play it, or test it, none of the above applies. It doesn’t matter what level of detail, or how innovative the thing is, the point is, will a gamer get it, and enjoy it while their getting it. So yes Mr. Doak, hiring army vets to do games is a little strange but it doesn’t mean that the titles are going to be any less fun either. I have to admit though, Haze looks beautiful, and its much needed exclusivity [for now] on PS3 is a wonderful thing. One of the features that may spur the above moments includes the whole lets-join-in-four-man-team, anytime, anywhere. I like that. I even like the fact that Mr. Doak and his team are trying to release this thing all platforms - that’s a leap forward in itself. When you hear the guys over at The Darkness saying that it was ridiculous creating that game for both XBOX360 and PS3, you have to wonder what plant did guys like David Doak grow from?

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