Guns and Roses: Killzone 2 Demo Info and A Special Valentine’s Day Shout-Out

Hey everybody, I hope all of you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day weekend. Hopefully your significant other treated you to a romantic four-star dinner, and a walk in the park under the moonlit sky; rather then an extra side at KFC and a monster truck rally. Anyway, I have a special shout-out to get to, but since this is a gaming site, I will get my gaming gossip out of the way first.

The other day I loaded up Sony’s “Home” and I saw this funny message about a “Killzone 2″ guy walking around, handing out cool stuff. I spent about an hour dallying around in various “Home” locales, but I had zero luck finding him. As it turns out, that “Killzone 2″ guy actually does exist, and, if you see him, he could be handing out codes for the “Killzone 2″ demo. If you remember, the demo was originally planed only as a pre-ordered bonus for anyone that ordered the game from Gamestop (North America only). People across the pond have been able to play the demo since the beginning of this month, but us Americans seemed to get the short end of the stick. Fortunately, those who frequent “Home” enough may find a way around this annoying pre-order incentive.

Effective at 6 PM (Pacific) today, users may log on to “Home” and scour its environments for anyone dressed as a Helghast soldier. Upon seeing these people, all one must do is go up to them and ask for a demo code. So get to it gamers- there’s no telling how long they may last. I will be among those hoping to snag a code, even though I already have “Killzone 2″ pre-ordered. Apparently, I wasn’t important enough to get a demo when I went into Gamestop today… dicks. Anyways good luck to all, and if you see these Helghast soldiers, leave info below on where, and when, you ran into one.

Now, a bit of news close to the heart. On Valentine’s Day, my friend, and old college roommate, Shawn, purposed to his girlfriend Michelle, and she said “Yes”! Below are some pictures of the happy couple. I, myself, am very excited to drink free booze at their upcoming wedding as they have been dating for around two years, (I think :-0), and it will be cool to see my college buddies take that next step of their lives together. Back in the day, I couldn’t have asked for a better “Halo 2″ teammate, and I’ll never forget how awesome it felt playing a French version of the game with him, two weeks before it came out in the States. Don’t ask how! And I’ll also never forget how painful it was for both of us as we tried to get any enjoyment out of “Fusion Frenzy.” I’m very happy for you two and for all of you polite and respectful TGH readers who would like to leave kind words, do so below.

Good Luck Shawn and Michelle, can’t wait to see what little Mees babies will look like!

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2 Responses to “Guns and Roses: Killzone 2 Demo Info and A Special Valentine’s Day Shout-Out”

  1. DrockZone on February 16th, 2009 4:46 pm

    NatX7 is the best video game journalist ever! And I agree…. Meez babies will be fun to see. Get pumpin Shane!


  2. 03 on February 16th, 2009 9:45 pm

    Thanks NatX! You are the best journalist ever :-)


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