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Good at Counter-Strike? Need Cash? Check Out the WCG’s Quiver Shoot-Out


Are you, or anyone you know, in dire need of cash in these hard, economic times? Do you, or anyone you know, spend countless hours on “Counter-Strike” and spend your Friday and Saturday nights pwning noobs, fondling your mouse, and downing energy drinks instead of booze? Then consider it your lucky day because you may soon be able to put those skills of yours to use and earn some cash in the process.

The World Cyber Games will be holding its inaugural WGC Quiver Shoot-Out presented by Dust-Off. The free event begins July 18th and commences the following day at the Time Warner Center in New York, NY. The tournament will host nearly 24 “Counter-Strike” 1.6 teams all vying for cash prizes.

“The idea of the Quiver Shoot-Out was for WCG and Dust-Off, two companies who truly understand gaming, to offer the “Counter-Strike” 1.6 community another opportunity to compete,” said Paul Brewer, Manager of Marketing and Operations for World Cyber Games USA. “‘Counter-Strike’ players are notorious for finding that competitive advantage which is precisely what Dust-Off provides to gamers, so this tournament makes quite a bit of sense.”

For those interested, you and your fellow teammates can register here (spots are still available). If you’re not fortunate enough to live within the New York area, or just can’t make the event, you can watch video’s of the tournament on WCG’s Youtube channel.

So, if you think you got the skills to pay the bills, go check out the WGC Quiver Shoot-Out. It should be a good time, and If I lived anywhere near NY I’d be there in a heartbeat. Oh, who am I kidding? The Open Championship is on and nothing is going to pull me away from my TV to see if Tiger Woods can come away with another win. But if you’re good at “Counter-Strike,” go check it out.

Good luck to all and to all a good weekend. Later, TGH’ers.

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