God of War creator…”No more epic games!”

Boy it definently says alot when a developer hot of the heels of a popular game just ups and decides he wants to work on smaller simpler games. David Jaffe of God of War fame no longer wants to make epic games. Instead he has now committed himself to smaller more casual games(sounds like a certain company we all know). So from here on he vows to create great down loadable game for the PS3 starting with Calling All Cars. And now he considers games like Elite Beat Agents for DS as his main competition! Who would have thought this would be the path he’d take going into next-gen. Either way, this could be a good thing for the PS3’s download service! Hit up the link to read in his own words from his blog.
Dave’s blog 

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One Response to “God of War creator…”No more epic games!””

  1. DW on March 24th, 2007 4:45 pm

    Not really … Jaffe stills has some say over the game … the idea was the find a director to work on the title while concentrated on other ‘personal’ projects. The results are still sweet as the second installment is by far the better of two awesome titles.


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