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God of War Collection Review: Revisiting Old Times

God of War Collection

While there are a small handful of PlayStation 2 games still being released every few weeks, the console’s lifecycle is finally coming to a dwindling end. After nine years, and thousands of games, in the end there was only one franchise that stood out as Sony’s best first party offering for the platform, “God of War.” Coming along only within the last few years of the PS2’s life, Kratos’ epic first two games pushed the limits of what could be done in a video game, while presenting some of the most satisfying gameplay ever, making his two titles absolute must-haves for anyone that considered themselves a gamer. It has only been two and a half years since “God of War 2” was released, and we are only months away from “God of War 3” but Sony has gone and released yet another “G.o.W.” product that’s now a must-have for every PS3 owner in the “God of War Collection.”

Repackaging and re-releasing games isn’t something new, by any means, and companies have been doing it since the early days of the industry. However, the “God of War Collection” offers two of the best PS2 games ever released on one disc, complete with updated high-definition graphics as well as added trophy support, making it one of the most intriguing rereleses to ever hit the market, and something that should make most PS3 owners very happy.

God of War Collection

Fortunately, the games themselves haven’t changed much at all, which is a good thing, because they still manage to hold up, even in today’s tough market. They are still the same Spartan massacres steeped in Greek mythology that they have always been; they just look ten times better now. There is very little that I can say about “God of War” and “God of War 2” that hasn’t already been said about them before, the overwhelming majority of which has been positive. In short, if you haven’t played either of those games yet, you need to – it’s not so much a question of whether or not you even want to – you must play those games, and, if you happened to miss their original release on the PS2, and you own a PS3, now is the perfect time.

As you jump into the game, you’ll instantly notice that the widescreen, 60 frames-per-second, remastered, HD presentation of the gameplay looks stunning as you slice and dice your way through ancient Greece. While it may be apparent to the trained eye that the game wasn’t initially developed for this console generation, most players won’t be able to tell the difference between this, and many other releases that have hit the market for the PS3 (just don’t put it side-by-side with “Uncharted 2”). The only things that take you out of the updated experience are the cutscenes, which are shown in their original form, and not re-rendered at the higher definition. It takes away a little bit from the overall experience, but it can easily be overlooked, since it’s only one fraction of each of the games. As far as the games themselves go, the only other things this collection is missing are “Chains of Olympus” and “Betrayal,” “God of War”’s PSP and mobile titles receptively. While the graphics wouldn’t have translated well at all, including them would have made this collection complete, housing all of Kratos’ previously released games.

God of War Collection

It’s hard to review two games that have been on the market for so long, and that wasn’t really the intention here. It goes without saying that both games are modern day classics, and are necessities for any action fan’s library. However, when it comes to the worth of game collections it’s usually examined as the sum of the parts, minus how man of the games you already own. Surprisingly, when it comes to the “God of War” collection, that equation stops at the sum of its parts, and even if you have the PS2 versions of these games. This package is well worth picking up, whether you want to relive Kratos’ struggle, or just get ready for “God of War 3” this collection should be in every PS3 owner’s library.

Rating: ★★★★½

“God of War Collection” was published by SCEA for release on November 17, 2009, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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