God of War Box Art and Kratos’s Brother

Looks like we were graced with something great over at Playstation Blog. Attached to the left is the gracious box art the game, other the FF Crisis, that everyone wants for their PSP. Saying that this game will sell like Caribbean Sweet Bread right out of a Wood stoked oven is an understatement. We have all come to expect great things from Kratos but I wonder if the remake of the first game on the PSP is just a cash cow or truly something better? Yet, this is about the box art, and it looks to pull in the standard stuff we’ve seen before - a man, two blades wiedled to his arms against a stunning backdrop.

Expect Kratos to come packaged with his stadard Blades of Chaos, and Triton’s Lance - a golden sword like weapon found in the Cave of Eos. I’m more keen on trying out the new magic as it appears possible to summon beings such as Efreet. You will be able to parry in the game again if you are able to get the Light of Dawn for those of you concerned. Being the prequel to the mega hit, this title probably has more to live up on the story end than the impressive graphics, or particular mechanics, that Ready At Dawn has shown to pull out of the PSP.

Though the plot sounds simple from my point of view, I am still wondering when that brother of his will make a show in one of these games. You know the one that got separated from him, ended up in Hades and eventually becomes a super General down in the pits of hell itself.

Well get this, the story is supposed to take Kratos Gates of Hades and even further into the depths of Tartarus itself [the Uber regions of Hades]. But this could be a ploy as Tartus, in Greek mythology is both a place or a God. The plot thickens, the mind boggles and this game needs to be out already.

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