Glorified Demo Released - Jubilations Heard

Prologue is perhaps the biggest demo that’s not a full game, but plays like a full game, ever made. Don’t worry, it will get more confusing once DLC’s start to hit for this bad boy.

Many may agree that Gran Turismo Prologue is probably the biggest glorified demo but perhaps more demos should be like this. The question is, who wants to keep paying for demos?

Availabe for both download and instore purchase this week, gamers are somewhat hard pressed to pick up this title or trully understand the implications of the game itself; buy this now or wait later for something even more palatable? Is prologue the full game?

What are the justifications they ask? From this end of the lens, I’m thinking the only reason someone could get curious to warrant a purchase is the online feature.

I’ve been hard pressed to continually pound Dave the Gamer in this game, and would gladdly take the opportunity to do so from my plushy living room. Furthermore, the idea of not having to sacrifice any of my 46″ ’s of screen realestate is appealing.

All these are features, that are in my oppinion, too late but we can go back and forth about why PS2’s sparse online support was so ill conceived and how it was was even regreted by Sony Super Stars as well.

This game, and Battlefield: Bad Company, is an examples of where gaming and media is heading: DLC based micro transactions to cash in every aspect of the intellectual properties that we love, or are going to love.

Battlefield perhaps is a bigger cultprit with its’ gun-purchase options. It some cases, the idea just sounds downright rediculous. “Buy new guns for the game? WTF.” The web has already blasted the developers and producers for trying that bullshit so we’ll see how far that goes. GT P on the other hand has a lot more to proove, and all the dialogue, behind the scenes, and specials, are only barely keeping some gamers interested. I for one would like this to be an awesome title and deliver on everything that has been expected of it over the years but then gain, it’s a prologue.

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One Response to “Glorified Demo Released - Jubilations Heard”

  1. DaveDaGamer on April 15th, 2008 10:24 am

    Let’s see if DaveDaGamer can muster any will to play this GT5. When is it coming out again? Oh yeah… in about 30yrs when the online is stable.


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