GDC ‘09: Super Mega Trailer Madness

Hola kids. GDC is turning out to be more exciting than I had originally thought it would be. Yesterday, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata  delivered the keynote speech for the event, and of course did not pass up the opportunity to show off what Nintendo has been up to as of late. For all of you who’ve complained in the past about the Wii’s storage ability - or lack there of, Nintendo has finally come up with a solution. While it may not be an external hardrive, the new firmware 4.0 update allows users to store information on high capacity SD cards. You can read more about it in Sir-G’s blog post from yesterday.

But the best was yet to come, as Iwata previewed the first trailer for Link’s newest adventure, “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks”. The game looks very similar to “Wind Waker,” and seemingly switches the boating mechanics seen in the GameCube game for train-based strategy here. The game will be available for the DS (as well as the DSi), however, no release date has been set.

The next big announcement came from Activision, but this one was a little less shocking considering everybody knew that it was only a matter of time. That’s right kids, a new “Modern Warfare” is on its way, and this one is called… “Modern Warfare 2.” Always the clever crew over at Activison. Anyways, the teaser trailer is especially badass considering not much gameplay is shown, and the trailer even comes with a release date. Gamers will be able to roam the “Call of Duty” universe once again on November 10th of this year.

And finally, footage from one of my favorite franchises has made its way to GDC, and while it may be brief, it’s undeniably badass. Yup, it’s Kratos time, and apparently he’s playable on the show floor. While video of gameplay is not allowed, some rebel in the crowd dared to take footage and distributed to the masses over YouTube. The video shows what many of us have already seen in the trailer; Kratos hoping on top of a cyclops and bending it to his will to destroy all the unfortunate bastards below. Check it out, and share your thoughts on all this gaming goodness below!

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, is giving his keynote today. Rumor on the street is that he’ll be unveiling his new game, however, Kojima has gone on record as saying there will be no such announcement. Either way, stay tuned here for more GDC coverage. Peace!

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