Game Fund 2009: Stimulating The Games Industry

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, A.K.A. the “Stimulus Package”, has passed the House of Representatives and the Senate and should be on President Obama’s desk on Monday. The goal is to create some jobs and give the public some extra money to spend, so we effectively give the economy a big red mushroom. Plenty of people will be eligible for some government cheddar: there are tax cuts and incentives for students, the unemployed, retired, home buyers, car-buyers, parents, low-income, and middle-income Americans, so check out the details.

If you manage to pad your wallet with a few extra bucks how are you going to spend it? Remember, try and keep those purchases local and feed some cash into our awesome American development houses. The gaming industry is feeling the hurt during this recession type thing, so lets show our support as best we can

Man Cave

This is my plan, but I don’t recommend anyone else try this:
  1. Buy a house. ($8000 tax credit)
  2. Convince my wife that a home theater is the best investment.
  3. Build the sweetest gaming setup you’ve ever seen.
  4. Hope that late night gaming sessions don’t cost me my job!
Happy 2009!

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