G4 the gaming channel that couldn’t

G4 the channel that was supposed to be the “gaming mecca” of cable tv will soon start to go by the way side, peep the article from tvweek.com:

E! and Style chief Ted Harbert has been given the newly created title of CEO, Comcast Entertainment Group. He will continue to report to Comcast Programming Group President Jeff Shell. G4 President Neal Tiles, who joined the network in September 2005, will now report to Mr. Harbert.

G4’s executive staff will move into E!’s Los Angeles offices. Sources said layoffs among the G4 staff are likely, though Mr. Harbert said it’s too soon to tell.

“When there is consolidation, if we find there’s overlap in administrative and support positions, we’ll have tough calls to make,” he said. “But we haven’t looked at that yet.”

Mr. Harbert said he has not yet decided whether G4’s Santa Monica production facilities will move as well. “They’re shooting shows in very expensive space, but we’re already maxed out at this building,” he said. “I don’t know what the answer is, but nothing will happen for a while.”

Mr. Harbert’s duties for E! and Style will not change. As for G4, Mr. Harbert said he will weigh in on programming decisions but emphasized that Mr. Tiles will continue to run the network.

“I believe that when somebody has a title that says they run the operation, they should run the operation,” he said. “My main job is to fight to get him resources [from Comcast] for programming and marketing. They don’t have nearly enough of a marketing budget.”

Since Comcast launched G4 in 2002, the network has had a difficult time gaining traction. Its video game brand attracts demographically desirable young male viewers, but too few of them. During the third quarter, G4 was ranked 57th out of 64 basic cable networks.

In the past year, the channel has tried to expand its brand to a general-interest young men’s network with acquisitions including “Star Trek” and “Arrested Development.”

“I do agree with the vision of going after young men more than just going after gaming,” Mr. Harbert said. “Gaming has been demonstrated as being too narrow.”

Now it seems that:

a.videogames are not as big as we all thougth or

b.the majority of the gaming shows were ass!

im leaning more towards option b and we all know that when a company “absorbs” another, layoffs will happen. And the g4 we all knew will not be the same or just not be there any more.

Unit out

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One Response to “G4 the gaming channel that couldn’t”

  1. DaveDaGamer on October 15th, 2006 11:02 am

    Good for them BASTARDS! Why such a harsh response from DaveDaGamer? Because! I’m sick and tired of people who don’t know anything about games, or barely understand what it means to be a gamer, producing “VideoGame” shows. For the coveted “18 - 35yr old Male.” Rat Bastards. Real Gamers aren’t Geeks, Real Gamers don’t think videogames are “FUNNY, HILARIOUS, and Should be Poked Fun AT” Real game developers don’t want their blood, sweat and tears character models put in a foolish music video and dance around like fools.

    You know what real gamers want? EDUCATED reviews! Done by people who actual PLAYED the game! Not some idiot who gets a script from a producer with a few notes from an Intern who sloshed through the first three levels! Oh and said idiot host tries to “Add the FUNNY” EF THAT!

    Die G4 DIE!!! and take with you every other CRAP ass show about VideoGames. THE INTERNET WILL RULE!!!

    www.Truegameheadz.com is going to step the game up. AND SHOW GAMERS WHAT THEY REALLY WANT TO SEE! All you shows had to do was ask! But did you ever think to do that? NO!!! Let’s slap some CG together and have some dumbass say something funny and call it a review….

    I’m done….

    No I’m not! If any of you so called “Reviewers” that are offended by this, see me at and I will gladly tell you the difference between a Playstation 2 and an Xbox.

    //I’m focused Man!


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