Who Knew…The Frag Dolls Can Dance!

Ahhhh…. the Frag Dolls. Admit it guys, you know you like them. Now representing Ubisoft, the Frag Dolls were on hand to demonstrate some moves to all us rhythm less gamers out there for the upcoming third entry in the Raving Rabbids franchise. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party marks the return of those twisted yet lovable Rabbids who seem to have a knack for self inducing pain and a hatred towards Rayman himself. Aside from the them Rabbids being sick in the head, the game this time makes use of the Wii balance for a set of mini-games as well as full use of both the wii-mote and nunchuck for some highly involved dance moves more so than the previous games. The video shows such dance moves as so demonstrated by the Dolls themselves. It looks fun for sure and even better with the Dolls playing. Just crank your speakers up and peep the video and see if you can keep up with the rhythm. Hey Frag Dolls, do ya’ll offer private dance lessons?

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