Force Unleashed


The last Star Wars game that I actually enjoyed playing, besides Lego Star Wars, was the storm troopers FPS game with squad based tactics. Enter Force Unleashed, that looks like the Star Wars game that every fanboy has had a wet dream about: just pure miss-use of a clandestine power. LUCASARTS answered many a gamers’ call when they decided to make this type of game and with a solid foundation defined by “Kicking someone’s ass using the force”. How can they go wrong? Guessing by the video demo below the only thing that boggles my mind is who will actually give your character a challenge during the game itself? Set between Episode III and Episode IV, you’ll play as the secret apprentice of Vader. There in you will have the ability to over-max four main force abilities, grip, push, repulse, and lightning. So you will not just be able to force push someone, but instead force push them through walls. This implies that LUCASARTS may have created a fully destructible environment schema that may impress us yet.

The Force Unleashed debuts Digital Molecular Matter from Pixelux and euphoria behavioral simulation from NaturalMotion Ltd. Pixeleux is a company that was created as a result of the massive requirements and expectations that are being set for next gen titles by providing services for one of the most expensive parts of video game development: asset creation. NaturalMotion is more precisely known for the creation of DMS: Dynamic Motion Synthesis in which the creation of dymanic offline physics based animation are created within a RAD [Rapid Application Development] environment. Physics is cool and all but it could mean squat in a video game if the story has no weight. LUCASARTS promises that the story will be user defined as the final outcome of the game will be based on the path you take. We can see where this is going already but how well it is implemented is another story. Force Unleashed is due for release this November.

[quicktime width="480" height="390"][/quicktime]


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