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A First Look Red Steel 2’s Leaked Trailer

Before gamers got to take it home and actually see what little the game had to offer, “Red Steel” was one of the Wii’s most anticipated launch titles. However the game garnered underwhelming reviews, and missed the mark on many of its most anticipated features. But that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from giving it another try with “Red Steel 2.”

In a seemingly odd move, Ubisoft showed off the first trailer for the game at Sony’s annual Destination Playstation conference. While it wasn’t meant for the public, the trailer has leaked to the masses, and you can check it out below.

One of the biggest complaints from original game was the lack of precision with the Wiimote’s swordfighting controls. Ubisoft looks to correct this as “Red Steel 2″ will make use of the Wii’s new Motion Plus controls; offering tighter, more precise accuracy while shooting and wielding your katana.

The trailer looks a little graphically ambitious for the Wii, but perhaps Ubisoft will pull this look off when the game finally makes it to retail. No release date has been given, and keep in mind that this is the very first trailer for the game, so many things could chance throughout the course of “Red Steel 2″’s development. But in any case, check out the trailer below and feast your eyes on some serious sword-swinging action.

Red Steel 2 'Leaked Debut' teaser
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