What does it mean? If you navigate over to Square Enix’s Global hub, then push on through the Japanese section (yea I go there from time to time) you’ll notice this massive announcement. What’s the big deal? Well, boys and girls, looks like Square Enix is about to let loose more information on favorite titles. Yes, that includes Final Fantasy XIII.

In addition more information on that elusive bluray version of Advent Children. How long we wait to see cloud in 1080p action. DK ? 3713 (’D.K. Sigma Three-Seven-Thirteen’) means ‘Dissidia, Kingdom Hearts, Sigma Harmonics, The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete, Final Fantasy 13′. Could they have been any more cryptic? Credit to a hardcore buddy of mines at GT for breaking this down for me.

Sadly, this event is only accessible if you are a Square Member, and then there’s a raffle … for one ticket. Not to mention it’s held in Tokyo. The promise of the event will bring about more footage on several of their upcoming titles.

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